Skylarker (skylarker) wrote,

I Survived Minicon; Part I: Through Friday Night

It was a week-long event: I attended work parties on Sunday 4/4 and Wednesday 4/7 then helped set up Art Show on Thursday. Officially Minicon took place Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. On each of those, and on Monday night there were parties. I didn't get to bed before midnight anytime between Wednesday and Monday. A couple times I didn't get home until after 3:30 a.m.

I played a lot of music, saw a lot of friends, had the chance to talk with a few people I rarely get to see, participated in a couple programming events and attended a few others.

One of my smaller bookmarks sold in the Art Show, and I made another new one while demonstrating my techniques on a jewelry-making panel. (I traded this to Bonnie S for one of her fuzzy dragon mini-sculptures.)

At Wednesday night's work party I ran into Howard H, a kickin' musician and one-time roommate from The Blue House coop household where I lived for a while in the early 80's. We got to talking and he gave me a shoulder-arm massage that demonstrated remarkable expertise - getting at tensions I didn't realize were there. I told him he should go around my office building and do the same for everyone else there who's stuck at a computer all day. He has done that sort of job before, so I thought of asking Mary Ann for the name of the guy who's been helping her with the ergonomics of her work station, to find out who Howard can talk to about bringing his skills to the company.

Also that evening I met mishalak, helped collate some program books and discovered an unexpected bunny in its pages that -I- hadn't put there while doing the layout.

Thursday night ended earlier than I expected. After helping to set up the Art Show I ran into Aliera and we hung out for a while. She taught me how to play Casino; I told her about Tanya Huff's vampire/detective series and promised to loan her my copies of the books. Later I brought Howard to the smoking lounge and sat with him for a little while. Howard was tired and heading home early. He was the only other person I'd seen with an instrument, so it looked like there wasn't going to be a music party. I was tired, too and decided to head home. Aliera and Corwin had the same idea so I offered them a ride, taking Aliera home and dropping Corwin, Charmaine, and two other guys at Little T's on my way home.

Friday I went back to the con around 10 a.m. to check my artwork into the Art Show - which was locked when I arrived, but I tracked down Peer. The space was small, but appropriate to the quantity of artwork for display. I used half a table for bookmarks, and two panels to show my drawings. I put the Steve Brust with Jhereg original portrait up for sale with a $500 minimum bid. (Either no one noticed, or no one thought it was worth that much; it didn't get a single bid. Should I be more embarrassed for myself or for the subject of the piece?)

I had lunch at Taxxi where they had a great salad bar/buffet. I attended an interesting panel on the Language of Fantasy (Jo Walton, Pam Dean, Sarah Monette). I toured the Art Show and Huckster's Room with Chas and Bonnie S. Later they and Becca taught me to play Labyrinth and after we all went to Opening Ceremonies. I sang a few songs at the Karaoke party before bringing my mandolin to the Satellite room where the main music party was scheduled.

At first the only people there with instruments were Fred H and myself. I played a couple kids' songs for a mom and her youngster. Fred's guitar fell and bent a peg, but after a while more musicians trickled in, he got a working instrument and things started to get interesting. Nate & Louie, Howard, Chas and Becca were all there as well as a few performers I don't know personally. I enjoyed it all, but by 3 a.m. my voice was fading and my eyes hard to keep open. I sang 'John O' Dreams' as a good night song, leaving just as Steve Brust was setting up to join the circle. I was sorry to miss hearing him, but still had to drive home while wakeful enough to stay on the road.

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